I am the founder of Toussaint Akochi ministries. My name is Toussaint Akochi.

I am Toussaint Akochi, founder of the Fraternité Génération Alpha-Oméga, an organization created in 2008 and of Toussaint AKOCHI Ministries founded in 2021. I have a training in pastoral evangelization from the Youth Light school in France. I also obtained a canonical baccalaureate from the Pontifical Lateran University. In addition, I hold a multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree in education, theology and philosophy from the Grand Séminaire de Montréal and a diploma in education from the University of Quebec in Montreal. My experience and formation of 25 years of missionary life in the Mother of Divine Love community with multiple responsibilities have rooted me more in the

mission. My studies and my professional experiences have led me to exercise the functions of trainer in educational intervention in the family and community environment, responsible for the Annual Collection of the Diocese of Montreal, general manager of GENAO and advisor for the charismatic renewal of the diocese of Montreal. Social and spiritual well-being and intervention in the family and community are at the heart of my main fields of intervention in terms of community support. My goal is to put Jesus first and give Him all the glory. Thus, all my actions are inspired by the fear, the reverence that I have for God.


My mission

In connection with the ministry that God has entrusted to me, my mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By making known God in his authenticity, I work by the power of God to awaken the living Tabernacle of Christ which slumbers in you. According to Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. This authenticity which is inherent in the nature of God, I want to make it known to you by announcing Jesus Christ. To evangelize is to give the living God, to make him visible to a higher degree in the eyes of all. Thus all men will see the splendor of the gospel shine forth.

My vision

I consider the rooting of the love of Jesus Christ in the heart of man to be the essence of the reign of God on earth.

Therefore, my life, my actions must reflect the character and nature of God.

The radiance of God on man constitutes the essence of his reign. When you see me, you must be aware that I am a man of faith and prayer that humbly remain under the gaze of God.